Our Policies

For your convenience we accept all major credit cards and Care Credit. We deliver the finest care at a reasonable cost to our patients and payment is due at the time service. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us at Gunnison Family Dentistry Phone Number (970)641-3406. Many times, a simple telephone call will clear up any misunderstandings.

Self-Pay: If you are a self-pay patient, payment is due at time of service. We do not offer a discount for self-pay patients unless they are enrolled in the Gunnison Family Dentistry Membership Plan. Please ask one of our administrative team members for details.

Insurance: We are In-Network with Delta Dental Premier, Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Complete, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Grid+ plans. We are considered Out-of-Network for all other dental benefit plans. As a result, your treatment may not be fully covered. The patient is responsible for knowing their dental benefit plan. Please be aware that all dental services may be subject to a deductible, an “approved charge”, and a maximum coverage limit per your benefit’s policy. Therefore your out-of-pocket cost may be higher than anticipated. As a courtesy, we will send your dental claim. However, you are ultimately responsible for all fees. All estimated copays are due at time of service. If there is additional payment due, you will be billed accordingly and you are responsible for any unpaid amount.

Medicaid: Due to state legislation, the providers at Gunnison Family Dentistry are unable to provide any care for patients with Medicaid insurance and can be fined for violating this law.

Billing Policy: Gunnison Family Dentistry is a provider of dental services and is not a bank. We do not “loan” treatment. A finance charge of (20%) will be applied monthly to your account if not paid in-full within 60 days and accounts are sent to a collection agency if not paid in-full within 90 days. If you are sent to collections, you will be dismissed from our practice.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice, you may be charged. You must pay this fee before scheduling a new appointment. We take into consideration unforeseen circumstances, like illness or emergencies. Habitually breaking appointments and/or late-notice cancellations will result in us requiring you to pre-pay for your appointment or your dismissal from our practice.

Appointment Confirmations: All appointments are considered confirmed when a patient agrees to a specific date and time. As a courtesy, we will provide appointment reminders via phone call and/or text message. I consent to receive text messages from Gunnison Family Dentistry. You may opt-out of our text messaging by texting “STOP” to our office phone number. You will no longer receive appointment reminders or other information via text message if you opt-out of this service. Consumer information is not shared with third parties for marketing purposes.