Hello, it’s very nice to meet you!

The initial conversation is the most important

Our staff is dedicated to providing you with professional care while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. Our administrative staff is ready to help you with questions about scheduling, financing and insurance, and records transfers to make your first visit as simple as possible. These are the top three topics discussed during initial conversations that require patient assistance to better coordinate care:

X-rays:  Please let us know when your last set of x-rays were taken. If your x-rays are at least a year old, we will take a new set in our office. All of our x-rays are digital, therefore drastically reducing your exposure to radiation. We require x-rays on all patients in order to help with our ability to diagnose what cannot be seen clinically.

Records:  Please have any relevant records sent to our office, especially if you have a history of periodontal disease or have had full-mouth reconstruction. Your ease and comfort in our office is one of our top priorities and is achieved when we are more prepared to meet your expectations. Past records also help us when communicating with your insurance company to determine payment.

Insurance: Please have your insurance information available at time of service. It is the responsibility of the patient to at least know the name of their dental insurance provider, their group number, member ID number, and name and date of birth of the subscriber. If dental insurance cannot be verified at time of service, it will be charged out as an out-of-pocket cost and it will be the patient’s responsibility to bill their insurance. We understand that insurance is not a pleasant of aspect of life, but it is a benefit for which the patient pays and the patient is ultimately responsible for payment at time of service.